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REMS Teams

(Rapid Extrication Module Support) The REMS team is a 4-person rope-rescue crew that specializes in treating and safely moving ill or injured firefighters across arduous terrain.
The REMS team is equipped with a 4x4 vehicle, enclosed trailer, UTV, rope rescue equipment and medical gear. We train year-round to ensure speed, proficiency and safety in the event of an emergency.


Single Resource Medic and EMT

Single resources Paramedics and EMTs are solo providers that operate out of a 4x4 vehicle. They are staged in strategic locations across a fire and are often directly attached to fire crews as they do their jobs. They can find themselves miles from a road or another medical asset. Single resource medics must be independent and confident in their skills as well as highly physically fit.



Our fleet consists of three 4x4 ambulances. These assets can be used at a variety of contracts that we operate from fires to events. These trucks have towing capability and can be ordered with a UTV.


Med Mod

A Medic Module (Med Mod) is a two-person team with a 4x4 vehicle. Our Med Mods are staffed with at least 1 paramedic and have a full ALS kit. These teams can be ordered with or without a patient-transport capable UTV.

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