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Our Team

A little of who we are both professionally and personally


Tyler Olson

Owner/Paramedic/REMS Leader

I fell in love with medicine during my first TCCC course in 2013. My newfound passion led me out of the Marines in order to pursuit a career in EMS. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to work as a Paramedic all over the country as well as overseas.

I started Minuteman EMS after 5 seasons of working as a paramedic on wildland fires. My intention is to create a company of absolute studs who pursuit excellence not only in their career but in everyday life.

Since I am from South Dakota, naturally, my main hobbies include fishing and hunting with my chocolate lab Quinn. I also enjoy skiing, climbing, hiking, and most of the outdoor activities.


Brennan Holloway

EMT/REMS/Single Resource - Manager

USMC Veteran 2011-2016

First taste of the medical world was during a CLS course in the Marines. After seperating in 2016 I spent 3 years studying electrical engineering at STSMT. After my third year I realized that engineering was not what I was passionate about.

I decided to go to Paramedic school and fell in love with the emergency medicine feild from day one as an EMT and have not looked back.

First fire season for me was our innagural season of 2021 as a single resource for Minuteman. 

Deep passion for all things Ropes and Technical Rescue

Back home in Rapid City I spend my free time traveling around as much as I can or can afford, otherwise you can find me fishing, climbing, paddle boarding, reading , and anything that includes the water.


Luke Keith

Operations Manager and Logistics

I found a passion for medicine when I took a CLS course and live tissue training in the military. After looking into the operations of getting resources deployed it became evident that's where my passion and responsibilities lie. 

After learning about the extensive logistical challenges of disaster relief services, I became interested in the behind the scenes movements of getting resources deployed and making sure that our Medics and EMTs are ready to deploy at a moments notice. 

I started with Minuteman EMS after honorably discharging from the military and wanting to get into emergency management. I want to continue to work and be apart of Minuteman because of the comradery, brotherhood, and drive of everyone both at the leadership level and the Medics and EMT's. 

I am originally from New Mexico so I love mexican food. I spent 13 years in the Marines so physical fitness is a priority for me. My hobbies include shooting, golfing, bowling, and working on my car. 


Matt Lordino

NRP- Site Manager for Pine Ridge

I started my Fire/EMS career in 2013 by joining the Chadron Volunteer Fire Department while attending college at Chadron State, pursuing a criminal justice degree. I fell in love with the Fire/EMS world and obtained my EMT license in 2013. I started working in Pine Ridge, SD for the OST Ambulance service in 2013, stopped pursing my criminal justice degree and never looked back. I discovered my passion for pre-hospital medicine and wanted to expand my education in the pre-hospital setting. I obtained my paramedic license in 2018 and have been actively working as a paramedic since. 
During my EMS career, I have had the opportunity to serve in many different leadership roles and strive to be a continuous learner every day. I deployed for the first time as a Single Resource EMPF during the 2021 Fire Season with Minuteman EMS in its inaugural season. In my off-time, I have a passion for the outdoors! I enjoy archery hunting, fishing, upland bird hunting and enjoy riding through the Black Hills of South Dakota on my motorcycle. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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